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pithy platitudes, sententious remarks, & the sanctimonious yoga / alternative crowd

…I am done with being a part of disseminating & encouraging the proliferation of all of the above. Writing is good. It helps one cultivate a perspicacious mind…so I’ll keep that up on a private blog to slow the atrophy of what once was a fairly capable and intelligent brain (that now, well…god knows the … Continue reading

  • I leave you with some lyrics until I can get my head out of my a** enough to actually compose a coherent post...  ::sigh:: But, Jesus I've fallen I don't mind the rain if I meet my maker I'll meet my maker clean But, Jesus the truth is I've struggled so hard to believe I'll meet my maker I need my maker To cure me of my doubting blood And drain me of the sins I love And take from me my disbelief I know it should come easily But it remains inside of me It battles and devours me It cuddles up the side of me And whispers it convinces me I'm Right... -Dashboard Confessional-