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pithy platitudes, sententious remarks, & the sanctimonious yoga / alternative crowd

…I am done with being a part of disseminating & encouraging the proliferation of all of the above. Writing is good. It helps one cultivate a perspicacious mind…so I’ll keep that up on a private blog to slow the atrophy of what once was a fairly capable and intelligent brain (that now, well…god knows the … Continue reading

enjoy life.

someone recently reminded me to ‘enjoy life‘…seems like such a trite statement right? it really struck me though…to the point that I thanked the person for the reminder because I needed it so badly… Be honest – when you wake up in the morning, are you more likely to open your eyes with a sense … Continue reading

Get Me Right

I leave you with some lyrics until I can get my head out of my a** enough to actually compose a coherent post…  ::sigh:: But, Jesus I’ve fallen I don’t mind the rain if I meet my maker I’ll meet my maker clean But, Jesus the truth is I’ve struggled so hard to believe I’ll … Continue reading

On Patience, Analysis, and those damn mind-hamsters…

I’ve always been an impatient person. I want what I want, and I WANT IT NOW.  This impetuous attitude has led me to some remarkable achievements, as well as into some pretty bad debt (of joy, sanity, and of course, money).  I woke up this morning having ‘one of those days’…The ebullience that has been … Continue reading

The Metamorphosis of A Cynic

If you had asked me to describe myself a few years ago, I would have rattled off some choice words such as capricious, crazy, pessimistic, b*tch, lover, fighter, sadist, masochist, inexplicable, [with affection] lush, introvert, neurotic, OCD, dark, loyal, a total contradiction, etc. Hell, if you had asked me to describe myself a few months … Continue reading

Well, hello there…

Love Is Incapable of Any Exceptions… Allow The Light Within You to Penetrate the Canopy Of Illusions, Illuminating Your True Path I’m new to this blogging thing…and apparently painfully inept when it comes to HTML and such. I don’t understand…my SCREAM fan site that I made in 7th grade was soooo gangster. Ahhh, I guess … Continue reading

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