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good article…not that it explains the ‘how’, really…but I think it hits the nail on the head in terms of the cause of our suffering. how, or whether, we learn to ‘detach’ and stop defining ourselves by our partners or lack there of, friends or lack there of, accomplishments, failures, possessions or lack there of, etc is a personal journey. we can be given maps and compasses, but ultimately we have to find our own route to not drowning in the chaos…or, we can just drown, of course….hmm.

“What is keeping this thought process continuously on is that you have identified yourself with things that you are not. You have identified yourself with your body, but the body is just an accumulation of food that you have eaten. Even if you own the chair you are sitting on, after some time, you will get identified with the chair. If your neighbor’s child comes and scratches the polish, it will hurt deep in your heart; it will not just be a scratch on the chair. This is because you are capable of getting identified with anyone or anything that you come in touch with. Once you are identified with someone or something that you are not, the thought process is endless. It just goes on and on. It is like you have eaten very bad food, and now you have gas in your stomach. If you try to stop it, your stomach will bloat and burst. But you cannot stop it; it keeps going. Thought is just like this. You became identified with things that you are not, starting from your body, impressions that you take in, things around you and people, ideas, philosophies, slogans, etc., and now thought is an endless process. You try to do many things, but you cannot stop it. Even if you take a stick and hit the top of your head, it won’t stop”


For the full article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sadhguru/meditation-tips_b_1461019.html





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