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Shake It Off

'I am done with my graceless heart. So tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart.' ~ Shake It Off

Shake It Off by Florence & The Machine:

This song had been haunting me a few months back…It became a regular in my daily playlist…nudging me towards taking some strides I just haven’t been ready to commit to…You know – those things that whisper to you in the still recesses of your mind…Those things that your true, whole, perfect, complete self [The Seer, as it is referred to in the Yoga Sutras – the essence of you that is truly impenetrable and unchangeable, regardless of all the pain and pleasures of the Seen that flow around you] urges you to allow in the interest of growth and forward motion…Those things that the scared, stuck, stubborn, stodgy you just can’t seem to loosen it’s cling from…

I slowly backed myself away from the anthem of empowerment, change, and surrender…trying to shut up The Seer within and assure my frightened inner-child that the monster of change it fears so much was not on the prowl; not yet, not today anyway. Then the other day, I adventitiously stumbled upon this article at elephant


Thank you to Waylon Lewis for perpetuating the universe’s nudging…



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