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On Patience, Analysis, and those damn mind-hamsters…

I’ve always been an impatient person. I want what I want, and I WANT IT NOW.  This impetuous attitude has led me to some remarkable achievements, as well as into some pretty bad debt (of joy, sanity, and of course, money).  I woke up this morning having ‘one of those days’…The ebullience that has been … Continue reading

The Metamorphosis of A Cynic

If you had asked me to describe myself a few years ago, I would have rattled off some choice words such as capricious, crazy, pessimistic, b*tch, lover, fighter, sadist, masochist, inexplicable, [with affection] lush, introvert, neurotic, OCD, dark, loyal, a total contradiction, etc. Hell, if you had asked me to describe myself a few months … Continue reading

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