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Well, hello there…

Love Is Incapable of Any Exceptions…

Allow The Light Within You to Penetrate the Canopy Of Illusions, Illuminating Your True Path

I’m new to this blogging thing…and apparently painfully inept when it comes to HTML and such. I don’t understand…my SCREAM fan site that I made in 7th grade was soooo gangster. Ahhh, I guess that old adage is true – if you don’t use it, you lose it. Oh well. I know my SCREAM site is still floating somewhere out there in cyberspace; a testament to my once awesome web page building skills. I shall rise again like the pheonix…in the meantime, don’t judge too harshly – your patience is appreciated 😉

I suppose I could introduce myself on here, but isn’t that why WordPress made me create a profile? Soooo, yeah, refer to that for the nitty gritty for now. I’ll be blogging about the ebbing and flowing of my life. Probably a lot of yoga related stuff, as that was the initial impetus for starting this blog…but where else it may lead, who knows. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, if you feel so inclined.



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