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enjoy life.

someone recently reminded me to ‘enjoy life‘…seems like such a trite statement right? it really struck me though…to the point that I thanked the person for the reminder because I needed it so badly…

Be honest – when you wake up in the morning, are you more likely to open your eyes with a sense of ease and wonderment and anticipation of what whimsies the day will surely present to you? – or do you open your eyes and dread the 9-5 grind, grit your teeth in agitation as you ruminate over that bastard who f*cked you over in some business or personal dealing, and swallow the sorrow that bubbles up in your lungs and stifles your breath as ‘jack’s inflamed sense of rejection’ [reference for you fellow fight club fans out there ;-)~ ] cuts through you like a knife at your recollection [synched perfectly with the peeling apart of your eyelids at first wake] of the beloved conflagration that’s consuming your heart?…

i said be honest…did you resonate more fully with the latter scenario? well…for your sake, i hope not, but i know i did…

…so this is just me paying that blessed little reminder forward  [thanks, Con ❤ <3] …

Enjoy Life, boys & girls…and yes, i know, we make it so very hard for ourselves to do that most of the time…

Untitled, prayer written by Bapuji, Swami Sri Kripalvananda

My beloved child,
break your heart no longer.
Each time you judge yourself,
you break your own heart,
you stop feeding on the love
which is the wellspring of your vitality.
The time has come. Your time. To live. To Celebrate.
And to see the goodness that you are.
You, my child, are divine.
You are pure.
You are sublimely free.
You are God in disguise.
And you are always perfectly safe.
Do not fight the dark.
Just turn on the light.
Let go.
And breathe into the goodness that you are.

listening to: florence & the machine radio (pandora) – shake it off



One thought on “enjoy life.

  1. l As usual I am late cking mail…..just want to say thank you for this well needed reminder. I feel better having read it and now will be more mindful of what is truly important in my life….sometimes we tend to forget, sadly.I

    Posted by kathleen | January 12, 2012, 12:57 PM

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